What is Ebay selling really like?

Expect to meet some really unpleasant people since many of Ebay customers include

  1. Big cheapskates
  2. Very rude
  3. Very demanding
  4. Selfish people
  5. Want say £10,000 car for just £10
  6. Prepared to get asked very strange questions like someone asked me if you can use phone to clean your  beard

Can you make money from this?

Yes you can but you need to make sure you can reply to emails fast since people on Ebay expect emails more less instant whether they buy off you or not. You need to be able to offer the cheapest price  on Ebay the same as the cheapest supplier at the moment or cheaper if possible so you can generate sales faster.

You would best to use  cheap delivery of the post office for around £0.79 unless you are selling more expensive things then you can use premium  delivery firms like UPS,Parcel Force. A good tool to get is a program for making lables for you simply type into the machine the address the person full address it’s almost as  fast as typing on a computer and to me it looks nice and professional you can easy buy one for £30 or less .

You need a scale if you are selling more heavier items this can be great if you are using delivery firms since it can easy give you good weight which should be correct if you get a good quality one you can get them for around £30 and it should last  you a long time I got one which was meant to be the same one e-commerce store owners often use it works very fast and I never had any complaints or wrong weight from delivery firms from me using it so could not fault using one.


What can you actually sell here?

  1. Fruit or vegetables
  2. Phones
  3. Tablets
  4. Cakes
  5. chocolates
  6. computers
  7. Pool cues
  8. Pool tables
  9. Magic stuff
  10. vehicles
  11. Plane parts
  12. exercise equipment
  13. building equipment
  14. Car parts
  15. TV’s
  16. Clothing
  17. SEO
  18. Software
  19. Music
  20. Books
  21. Magazines
  22. lemonade
  23. Drinks in general
  24. Fires
  25. Pipes
  26. Freezers
  27. Fridges
  28. Traffic equipment
  29. kids fake money
  30. Tools
  31. Bath tubs
  32. Sinks
  33. Doors
  34. Ovens
  35. Microwaves
  36. George forman stuff
  37. Boxing
  38. Footballs
  39. Rugby
  40. Thai boxing
  41. Cardboard
  42. carrier Bags
  43. Handbags
  44. Glass
  45. Tins
  46. Xbox 360’s
  47. Xbox one
  48. Playstation 4
  49. any gameconsole
  50. Shampoo
  51. Aftershave
  52. Razars
  53. Shaving cream
  54. Blankets
  55. Cushions
  56. Shoes or boots
  57. Bins
  58. Mouth wash
  59. Toys
  60. Videos
  61. DVD’s
  62. Blue ray
  63. Firesticks
  64. medicine but some require a license to sell them.
  65. Chocolate  fountain
  66. Flowers or other plants

You should pick a niche to sell which is already popular so you don’t need to build up the demand yourself and please note Ebay selling can  be very unpredictable since you have horrible week sales wise than on Sunday night you get on a lot orders it is quite common for Ebay customers to buy your products through out the night even as late as say 3 am so if you can try and be prepared to reply quickly to them since the faster you reply  back the customer the qucker the sales will normally come in unless it’s one of the usual sarcastic people you geto on Ebay


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