5 Affordable Dog-Friendly Trip Ideas

5 Affordable Dog-Friendly Trip Ideas

Nothing is better than taking a break from that old boring routine and going for that long-awaited trip. Solo trips are really fun. Trips with friends are also cool. But nothing can beat the excitement of having a trip with your best friend. Yes, I’m talking about your four-legged friend.

And you deserve it, my friend. Even your pet deserves it. After all, your little friend also gets tired of showering all his love on you every single day. I’m just kidding, guys. It can never get tired of you, obviously.

In fact, going on a trip with each other will actually make your bond stronger. And you don’t even need to make it special. Going simple can also be very rewarding.

But how to plan that special vacation with your special friend? 

Well, there are many things that you can try. I’ve made a list of some affordable trip ideas you can take with your pet. These might be vague in terms of destination. But these are the trips that will take you to places. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you may visit any place in the country with the least possible budget.

So, let’s see what I’ve planned for you two.

A Bicycle Tour

You may consider taking your dog for a cycling trip. The idea may sound intimidating at first. But trust me, it will be a lot of fun. You are gonna decide the path and the speed. There are a lot of places which you can enjoy moving along slowly which you’d miss normally. 

You don’t have a trailer for your dog? Don’t worry. You may ask around and borrow it from someone. Or otherwise, you may rent it from a local bike shop.And before actually heading out, get your dog used to the dog trailer.  Start with shorter rides and then increase the distance slowly over the weeks.

How About a Road Trip?

Flying can be expensive. And unless you have an emotional support dog, you may not be allowed to take your dog with you. So naturally, road trips are all we are left with. Well, actually, this can be very exciting. And if you compliment it with a tent or car camping, you may have a great budget vacation option with you. 

A very nice thing with road trips is that you can enjoy some awesome destinations on the way with your dog.

Camping with your buddy

Camping is one of the most budget-friendly ways to have a nice vacation. Campsites are very pet-friendly, as long as your furry friend is behaving well and is in your control. If you are planning this with your dog for the first time, you may want to have a practice session at your home beforehand. Try setting up a tent in your backyard or a living room, and have a practice sleepover.

You may try going to a Federal campground as they are somewhat cheaper than the private or state-owned sites. However, they may also have fewer facilities. So, do your research carefully before heading out.

Campervan also sound Exciting

At first, the cost of renting a Campervan or an RV may seem high. But you’re saving on your hotel and eating out bills. Search for a BLM campground, prepare your own food on-board, and this will become a super affordable trip.

There are many RV or campervan renting companies that may provide a pet-friendly vehicle. Some may charge a pet fee if extra cleaning is required due to your pet. You may choose to do the cleanup yourself and save on that too. 

Track down your own City

You may start a journey from your backyard. Check out your city tourism office and try to find out some nearby attractions. Even if you are living in the same place since you were born, you might find some really nice places to visit for the first time. You could find a new museum or a hidden lake somewhere nearby to have a small picnic with your little buddy. Chances are endless.

So these were a few ideas you may try to have the best time with your pet. Try them out and share your experiences with us. If you also have an idea, please share it down in the comment section. We would love to know some more.

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