6 Foods To Help Enhance Your High

6 Foods To Help Enhance Your High

Unlike a few years ago, when everything cannabis was a no-no, the laws today have opened new avenues for weed users to try and experiment with a bunch of different goodies. But once you’ve had your share, you’d wanna enjoy that high for as long as possible.

But imagine this. Not only can you hold your high for longer but maybe even jump from the eighth to the tenth floor. Capeesh?

What I’m basically trying to say is, you don’t need to pile weed on weed into your system. Your weed might work in perfect partnership with some of the munchies you’ve got lying around at your place. 

So next time you decide to sit back, smoke some, and binge on that serial killer documentary with one hand down the pringles, backtrack and find these snacks to munch on instead. 


If you’re new to the ‘high-way’, here’s a little pro tip. 

Mangoes should be your number one go to snack if you wanna ‘up’ grade your experience. Mango naturally has high levels of myrcene terpenes. It works with the THC in your weed and interacts with the THC receptors to bring the action quicker and stronger. Your psychoactive effects are elevated and this is when you’re ‘high’ high. 


As if the deliciousness wasn’t reason enough, here’s another reason why you should love chocolates, especially when high.

Unless you’re allergic to chocolate, you must definitely regard it as THE comfort food. It already has the ability to create a blissful feeling. But what if I told you that consuming chocolate before and after smoking weed (or whatever your choice of consumption is), you’ll feel it hit you harder? 

Next time you have one of those special gummies, couple them up with some dark chocolate and see where that takes you. 

Coconut Oil

You already find hundreds of cannabis products infused with coconut oil. Why? Because it is high in saturated fats. And why do we care? Because these fats help your body absorb more THC & terpenes. In other words, cannabis combined with coconut oil makes it more potent. 

So now that you have your weed, it’s time to make some weed infused coconut oil.(it’s actually pretty easy- All you have to do is: Decarb, Infuse, Strain). This will by far be the most potent weed extraction and can have as much as a doubled effect in comparison to butter or vegetable oil. So row with caution and enjoy a high that’s just as healthy as it is enjoyable. 


Who would’ve thought greens could be this beneficial. Leaving aside its health benefits ( I’m sure you’ve heard them enough all your life) it can also elevate pain relieving and anti-inflammation effects of weed. Containing high amounts of beta-caryophyllene, a natural cannabinoid, it reacts with the cannabinoid receptors to increase the effects of marijuana. 

The effect of broccoli, however, is helpful for people consuming medical marijuana to relieve pain, but having some nonetheless wouldn’t hurt. 


Ever been in a situation where you or your friend came down with too much anxiety after taking weed? Happens with first timers or when you’re way over your limit. Tea can help reduce their anxiety and make their experience more calm and relaxing. 

Black and green tea, both are known to have calming effects on the body and when combined with weed can enhance its effects of pain relief, reduction in nausea and anxiety. 


This one’s a fan favorite but you’re treading on a rocky path if you don’t know when to stop. For most social scenes, the two go hand in hand. And guess what, those drinking alcohol tend to have more THC in their systems than those simply consuming weed. 

This can make for an extremely great and enjoyable high or an embarrassing instagram video that’ll haunt you for life. 

We’ve already given you our best picks for food to pick on- while you smoke onto the clouds. Now all you need to do is choose your favorite snack and be ready for a happening night. 

Jamie Lowe

Jamie has been around in the financial sector for a long time. In her free time, however, she likes to spend time outdoors. This fitness freak believes in two things: a strong core and a great DIY. She hopes to make it easier for people everywhere to beautify their houses at a nominal cost

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