Best Games for Non-Gaming Laptops

Best Games for Non-Gaming Laptops

First ever video game was created in 1958 by a physicist William Higinbotham which was a very simple tennis game. Here we are 62 years later where video games are designed by professionals. And is an industry with a worth of around $138.7 billion. Now, there is a game about everything. Cooking, shooting, boxing, home decor you name it.

But, with technology, games are getting more and more graphic intensive. And such games can demand a high level of specifications. Integrated graphic cards, SSD’s, large RAM, latest processor, frame rates, high clock speed, keyboards with macro keys and the list goes on and on. The longer the list, the higher the price of a laptop. 

And I haven’t even mentioned accessories. 

Not everyone can afford a high-end gaming laptop. But does that mean you have to compromise on a good gaming experience?

Absolutely not.

Here is a list of games that will satisfy the gamer in you even on a non-gaming laptop.


This one is a classic game that everyone should try out atleast once. The sheer number of possibiklities that exist in the game alone make it one of the most intresting one of the pack. Options like New Minecraft Servers, all add to the allure of the game. Additionally if you don’t want to play this game on your laptop, you can play it on any other device as well.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is a role-play video game set in Deadfire Archipelago. It is a sequel to Pillars of Eternity and follows its events. Deadfire presents to you a magical yet dangerous world from a top-down perspective. Your character is that of a Watcher who has the ability to see into people’s memories. This game is full of pirates, exotic islands and supernatural characters and is all about hunting down Eothas. 

Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim

Another under the list of role playing games is Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim. It is set 200 years in the future from its previous version Oblivion. The game is placed in a tense time of an impending civil war. You will come across dungeons, Gods and prophecies. The gameplay is about going on different adventures like civil war quests, guild quests, side quests etc. where you unravel mysteries, learn new skills and even fight dragons. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 

Thronebreaker : The Witcher Tales

Creators of The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt came up with another hit video game called Thronebreaker : The Witcher Tales. It is a single-player, role playing game where you play as the protagonist Meve who along with the queens of Lyria and Rivia has to enter the dark world of war and destruction. The game provokes your thoughts with quests and choices which may end up in severe consequences as the game proceeds. 

Magic : The Gathering Arena

Magic : The Gathering Arena is one of the best collective card games. The game’s theme is ‘magic’ and includes cards with spells, summons and creatures. It is loved by many mainly because it never gets boring. The game features an immense library for players to collect cards. It is updated regularly so players can expect a fresh deck every few months. This allows for new and diverse competition formats where players can enjoy challenging matches. 

Night in the Woods

If you are not into action packed video games, you will love Night in the Woods. This game is all about adventure, mystery, storyline and its characters. It is more focused on a narrative of exploration by the main character Mae rather than gameplay. Game’s characters are anthropomorphic. So you can expect a crocodile smoking or a cat speaking. The game progresses as Mae walks through her hometown, Possum Springs, to unravel some hidden dark secrets. 


So if you are gamer with money issues, don’t empty your pockets after a sophisticated gaming rig. These games are very light and can run smoothly on any kind of laptop. You can easily download them online for minimal charges or free. 

So get on your laptop and start playing.  

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