How to Promote Your Brand Using Customer Reviews?

How to Promote Your Brand Using Customer Reviews?

Did you know that a customer is likely to spend 30% more on a brand with positive customer reviews? Well, there is no doubt that customers are the lifeline of any business. So, sharing their real-time experiences on different platforms will give your brand an edge over the competition. In other words, customer feedback or reviews determine the quality of a business. According to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, more than 90% of consumers trust user-generated information more than advertising content. Such unfiltered opinions help new consumers to build trust in your brand. Hence, ignoring these reviews while planning your marketing strategies can hamper your conversions and ROI. 

Here’s how you can use customer reviews to promote your brand’s strengths and establish trust amongst audiences. 

How to Use Customer Reviews in Marketing?

Customer reviews can be a useful tool for your brand’s reputation management. Studies revealed that an increase in the star ratings on Amazon is equivalent to a 25% increase in sales. In fact, the same concept works for Yelp, BBB, Trustpilot, and other review websites too. So, let’s see how you can include unbiased customer reviews to promote your credibility as a brand. 

Using Reviews For a Compelling Experience on Your Key Pages 

A study by BrightLocal shared that users read more than ten reviews before making an actual purchase. Obviously, they trust people’s experiences more than relying on a brand’s copy. Hence, you can use such reviews and use it as a social proof to convert leads into customers. The best way to do that is by simply publishing your customers’ experiences on your website’s key pages. It could be your homepage or any high traffic pages such as product pages, or landing pages.

Here is an example of a tool that helps to manage teams better, i.e., Slack. They used their client reviews smartly on their homepage to attract new prospects. 

Standout by Including Reviews in Your Search Ads 

If you thought that search engines rank your listings based on your optimization, you are probably mistaken. Search engines also consider what people have to say about you. So, if you have positive customer feedback, it will help you to acquire rich snippets or Google Seller Ratings. For example, customer reviews in your ad searches will help you to engage with your customers better. Here’s how a higher star rating Ad looks like. 

customer reviews marketing search ad

Take Advantage of Reviews on Social Media Channels 

It’s quite common for customers now to opt for a social media channel to monitor a particular brand. It turns out that one out of every four users follow a brand on a social media which they might purchase from. So, it would be the best platform to showcase your customer reviews. Who knows one of the reviews can convert your visitor into a loyal customer? So, try sharing reviews on social media to boost your brand’s presence and engagement. Here is an example of a restaurant that engaged with their customer review and made it count.


Give Email Marketing The Desired Boost by Including Customer Feedbacks 

It’s no more a surprise that using email marketing is the best way to generate the highest ROI. You are likely to see a boost in your click-through rates after including customer feedback. Experts recommend that a quick opinion about your product would be far better than your CTA. Let’s look at an example. Orion Parka leveraged customer feedbacks while promoting its brand through email marketing. 

The above tips can help you create an exciting marketing strategy using your customer reviews. But, to use a given review in your favor, you must have an idea about what consumers look for in feedback. Check out these review parameters and try using every feedback to its maximum potential. 

Star Rating 

It’s primarily one of the most critical aspects for consumers. Anything below the 3-stars would automatically shift your potential customers to your competitors. Here’s how consumers look at different start ratings. A 5-star rating might give you authority over others. However, anything between 3 to 4-stars would give you a decent customer turn around. But, below that, you will have only a five percent chance to convert a lead into a conversion. In a nutshell, your business doesn’t always need a 5-star rating to build trust. So, try to maintain a score above three stars for better customer engagement.

Review Quantity  

It is yet another parameter that influences consumer choices. Various surveys suggest that people need around four to six reviews to make a decision. But, the number can vary anything between 2-21 depending on consumer choices. Simultaneously, the customers would also consider the timeline of your reviews. So, make sure your customers are happy enough to give you feedback consistently.  

Review Quality

This parameter might come as a surprise for many. But, review quality is essential not only for review platforms but for consumers as well. Unfortunately, this is beyond your control. Only a few would take a moment to provide a detailed description while others would prefer easy one-liners and leave it like that. 

Final Thoughts- Start Leveraging Your Customer Feedbacks 

Reviews can completely change the dynamics of a company. The higher number of satisfied customers would generate measurable social proof. According to a survey, more than 90% of the consumers read reviews before making a purchase decision. It’s an effective tool to showcase your brand’s history. So, using your brand’s reputation in your marketing campaigns will give you a better chance of building your customer’s trust. Plus, you have an opportunity to draw more traffic to your website. Additionally, it will also improve your conversions, click-through rates, and ROI. The bottom line is, a simple thankyou can do wonders for your brand if used wisely. 

But, remember, if you want to turn consumers into regular customers, you must work on the technical part of your website. For example, your landing page should have everything that can attract your customers. That’s the only to prevent them from looking at other brands of your niche. 

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